Seconds Granny Square Patchwork book - Australia & NZ Only

Limited seconds sale! 

Sometimes, things go a bit wrong in printing or when I sign books, or I drop them, so I've listed some slightly imperfect books at $5 off the usual price. 


Only one HC US terms available right now. I dropped it and there are small dings in the cover and on the corners. 

There are photos of all things so you can check them out.  The contents are totally fine, it's just the above things that make them not perfect. 

Granny Square Patchwork

Granny Square Patchwork is ready to be sent now!  Yay! 


If you'd like the digital only option, click here.

Australian & NZ addresses only for Book!

The book order is only available for Australian & NZ folks.   

If you're in the US, UK or elsewhere, you can pre-order the book now from and Barnes and Noble

About Granny Square Patchwork ...

Welcome to my world of granny squares!  Granny Square Patchwork gives you endless inspiration to create your own crochet patchwork projects from granny squares. 

Inside you will find…

  • 40 granny square designs in six adjustable sizes in written and charted format.
  • 12 projects you can make using the patterns.
  • An abundance of help how to create granny square patchwork pieces of your own design.
  • A full glossary of all stitches and techniques used.
  • At least 2 alternate colour ways for each of the 40 patterns.
  • 3 joining methods.
  • 6 border patterns.
  • Detailed information on yarn used to make yarn substitution easy.
  • Project planner.

Granny Square Patchwork is a must-have addition to your crochet library, providing many years of joy, through creating crochet marvels for those you love.


Help included

At the start of the book, I explain how to read my patterns and talk a bit about my seamless ways.  

Also included, is a glossary of all stitches an techniques used in the book. It shows not only the abbreviations, but the full description how to make the stitch or do the technique, as well as the symbols for each as seen in the charts. 

I've created a page in the book with helpful links to all the things you need to know. While there are no videos for individual squares, there are links to how to make most stitches and techniques used in the patterns. 

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