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1 available $5 off the normal price! 

This one is weird!  The start of the book, up to page 8 is just not there. You get the digital version as well when you buy the book and it's just introductory stuff missing.  All the reading and lessons are there.  

All about GSA

Take your beginner crochet skills to the next level with Granny Square Academy.

I will post the book to you the next business day after your order. 

You will receive an email with a link to download the PDF version as soon as checkout is complete. Please check your spam for the email from "Spincushions Downloads" if you don't see it.  

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Australian & NZ addresses only for Book!

The book only available for Australian & NZ folks.   

If you're in the US, UK or elsewhere, you can order the paperback book now from and Barnes and Noble. 

 About Granny Square Academy

If you;

  • can crochet a traditional granny square but can't read a pattern, 
  • taught yourself to crochet and aren't quite sure if you're doing it right, or
  • know what you're doing but want to brush up on your skills,

then Granny Square Academy is for you!

In the 134 page book, you'll find everything you need to make your crochet the best it can be.

You'll learn;

  • how to read a written pattern
  • how to crochet seamlessly
  • how to work new stitches
  • how to work new techniques
  • how to change colours
  • how to join squares
  • how to work out how much yarn you need for a granny square project 
  • and LOTS more.

Both UK and US versions of the patterns are included so you can use your preferred terms as well as charts for all patterns too.

Here's just a few of the wonderful reviews left for Granny Square Academy


I hope you enjoy your crochet adventures with Granny Square Academy.




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