Hi!  I’m Shelley.  I love to design crochet patterns that extend your skills, gently challenging and encouraging you to create crochet wonders.  I get a real kick out of seeing folks create beautiful crochet items they thought were beyond their skills. 

If you can crochet a granny square, you can do my patterns, if you’re willing to learn and have a go.  I always provide lots of support with links to videos, step by step photos and clear instructions.  You can find my patterns here.

I love to design crochet squares and blankets.  I really do.  Seamless crochet is my thing. You wont find obvious joins or a line up a side of my blocks.  I'm pretty pedantic about it.  ;)

I have written 8 ebooks so far with plans for more.

You'll find loads of free and paid patterns in my shop and on my free patterns page.

reversible crochet patterns by Shelley Husband

I have a Newsletter list you can sign up for right here.  While you're signing up, tick the CAL's box if you want extra emails about my CALs (CAL = Crochet-a-Long) and my book coming soon in 2018 Granny Square Flair.

I’m also a mother, wife & worker. I live by the coast in South West Victoria, Australia. I am very lucky!

beach south west victoria

I can be found in lots of places about the 'net.

Do you love Instagram like I love Instagram? It's where you'll find me most often. My name there is “spincushions”.

Come and hang out with me on Facebook and Twitter, or maybe check out my Pinterest.

Work with me

If you'd like to work with me, I'd love to hear from you.  Check out this page on my blog for some info about who I am and what we could do together.

Why "Spincushions"?

I used to make felt pincushions. I hand sewed them all and I loved doing it - hence the name 'Spincushions',  but times change and crochet is my current obsession.

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