Flowers Abound ebook

  • $6.99

Flowers are so appealing and this book of 20 unique and varied flowers will have you making masterpieces in crochet. All blocks are the same size - each makes a 6" block - so mixing and matching is easy. There are some very textured, 3D flowers as well as flat, smooth flowers. Each pattern is written for a particular colour scheme, but also comes with many suggestions for other colour ways that can make the same pattern look very different.

Everything you need to know to successfully create every pattern is included, from very detailed instructions with tips to the extensive stitch dictionary that includes links to videos by the author. All patterns are written to be as seamless as possible with no visible beginning and ending of rounds. 

The blocks can be used to make throw rugs, cushions, bags and anything else you can use a traditional crochet granny square for.

You can choose either UK or US terms so you’ll be comfortable working in your preferred terms.

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