Posies and Pickets Blanket

  • $5.00

I do love a rainbow, don’t you?

This whole project is worked with a technique that may be new to you. A lot of the stitches are worked into a loop behind the stitch rather than a through a stitch or through a front or back loop. I explain it all clearly with lots of pictures.

It gives a really cool knitted effect. It’s even joined this way.

I also give you a lot of tips along the way to make it look the best it can be.

I designed it as a lap blanket, but I think it makes a lovely shawl when doubled over as you can see in the pictures.

My blocks measured approx 13 cm (5″).  The final product is about 107 cm (42″) along each side.  You should achieve the same size with 8 ply yarn and a 4 mm hook.

The pattern is available in both UK or US terms  – just choose the version you’d prefer.

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